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The traditional monogamous marriage is being questioned – not only because of different modern practices in sexual relationships, but also because of the inconsistencies and sometimes contradictions apparent in the Bible itself.It is impossible to give only one viewpoint on the topic based on what the ‘Bible says’.This article discusses a variety of issues relating to the Christian church, marriage and sex – with the aim of suggesting a moral foundation for sexuality, relationships and marriage.Particular reference is made to the Old Testament book, Song of Songs, as the nature and context of the love relationship presented here offers important clues to answering the dilemmas facing modern Christian couples, when facing issues relating to marriage, sex and morality in the context of the 21st century.Ironically, during his years of service in the church, Viljoen had to counsel numerous couples whose ‘papers’ were in order, but whose marriages had fallen apart a long time ago.

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This had to take place before they would be accepted as members of the church, and only at that stage would they be able to take Holy Communion.A former preacher at die Gereformeerde Kerk van Suid Afrika (GKSA) – J. Viljoen – wrote in the newspaper Beeld (20) about his experiences as a preacher.He tells the story of a young couple who wanted to join the church – but who were rejected because they were living together with their children and were not married.Modern society questions the assertion that traditional marriage is the only moral and lawful option where a permanent love relationship between two people can exist.

In fact, the complexity of relationships in modern society is not being accommodated in the traditional marriage (Viviers 20).The topic of Christian sexual ethics raises various questions.