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Dec.25,1822 married Ann Morrison March 2,1853, died March 10,1913 in Whitney Pier, Sydney, NS. The son was given the last name of the people who boarded him. Donalds wife was Annie Campbell daughter of Colin Campbell(The Pioneer) of irish Cove. Have info on there children but not there marriage. Anyone with any dates of these people would be helpful. Looking for someone that may be decended from Joseph or Ronald. Thanks Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 Name: peggy E-mail: URL: Surnames: Mac Lellan NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: Hello again. Joseph Mac Lellan married Margaret Mac Donnell, Judique. Thanks Barbara Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 Name: Barbara Duff E-mail: URL: Surnames: NOTE: County: Qrytext: Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 Name: Barbara Duff E-mail: URL: Surnames: NOTE: County: Qrytext: Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 Name: Barbara Duff E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CURRIE NOTE: County: Qrytext: Hi I'm looking for my grandmothers Family.

adopted by a Margaret (nee Mac Millan or Kelly) Cameron. Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 Name: Mary Mac Cormick E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACCORMICK, RYAN, TOBIN, BROWN, NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am researching Mac Cormick's from Inverness Shire, South UIst Scotland who emigrated to Frenchvale area, early 1800's Ryans from Sydney Mines previouly from Halifax Tobin from Sydney Mines orginated Ireland early 1800's Browns from Sydney Mines orginated from Ireland Any one with information regarding any of these families plus contact me. Lyons E-mail: raymond- [email protected]: HEATLEIGHPAGE Surnames: WHEATLEIGH NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: My Gfather lived in Halifax, N. There was a Mac Gregor that served in the Revolutionary War (I don't know his first name) but he apparently served 20 years in the 42nd. Betty (Mac Gregor) Mc Allister Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 Name: E-mail: URL: Surnames: NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: pauline mac lellan Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 Name: BLAKEY, William E-mail: [email protected] URL: Surnames: BLAKEY, NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Could anyone please do a lookup in a 1910 Census for Donkin, for a William BLAKEY, origins, Durham, England. Angus married Mary Helen Mc Intyre, daugther of Isadore and Bridgette Martina Mc Intyre. My mother died at child birth and we are twins adopted. My fater had a brother Vincent Gouthro married to gertie.

URL: Surnames: MACASKILL, MACQUARRIE NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: I was wondering if anyone can help me out there. Mac Keigan(married Dan Norman Mac Innis Roseburn, Inv. Brother Angus Mc Askill(married Bella Mc Donald)They had a daughter Anna and an adopted son Allister. Mary said that she could not take her baby back to Cape Breton with her because of the tuberculosis in her family.

My great-great granmother was Sarah Mac Askill, she was born and she married Lauchlin Mac Quarrie and they had one child Sarah Mac Quarrie born and Sarah Mac Quarrie married John angus Macdonald born died Jan 1937, he was the son of Angus and Flora (Mac Quarrie) Mac Donald. Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 Name: Kelly Zimmerman E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: JOSEPH SYLVESTER BURKE NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am searching for my great uncle Joseph Sylvester Burke. He was the son of Bessie and Benny Burke of #2, Glace Bay. SELBY Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 Name: Jennifer Witham E-mail: [email protected]: m/famtree Surnames: MORRISON, MATHESON NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Is anyone researching the MORRISONs of Trout Brook and Marion Bridge area? Looking for more information on Mary Mac Askill(married Donald John Mac Keigan). Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. Date: Sun Jan 23 2005 Name: blaine nicholson E-mail: [email protected] URL: Surnames: CLIMO; CREMO, KEITH NOTE: County: Qrytext: TRYING TO FIND INFO ON NOEL AND MARGUARITE CLIMO, CREMO OR KEITH NOT SURE OF THE LAST NAME I HAVE HEARD ALL THREE USED. Thanks Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 Name: brenda Millar E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mcintyre, Macpherson, Le sutyne, NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for inf on hazel Carmelitta Macpherson born 2 sept 1923, passed december 1995 in california daughter of , Neil A macpherson born around 1890's and married a maria le sutyne and had like 10 kids. All in the glace bay area I know she is a decendant of Duncan Mcintyre from Scottland born in 1833. grandfather was General John Murray, (1739- 1824), Admimistrator of Cape Breton 1799-1800. She had made arrangements for him to be boarded some place in Milton, but when Hughey and Kathleen learned about this, they asked if they could take care of her baby at their home in Sandy Cove.

Date: Sat Jan 11 2003 Name: Suzanne Chiasson E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CHIASSON, NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for history of Chiasson. Any info on these individuals & their families & ancestry is appreciated. They had five children - Helen (1896), Duncan (1897), George (? MARY MACEACHERN then remarried to WILLIAM CONNELL and moved to Pictou. Bill was born in Mabou, Cape Breton and was the son of John Beaton Mac Killop and Christina Mac Donald. Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 Name: Teresa Mac Eachern E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking to locate a place in Cape Bretom called Gillisville, I know it is in Cape Breton County Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 Name: John Shapter E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MCKINNON, CHAPTER NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Guess you guys must be getting tired of me as a lady said back a little futher. There may be an association with the Knapp and Munro families. My Moore family is from Linden, NS (1818)then to Amherst, NS (till 1888) and on to Port Elgin, NB. Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 Name: JANET LEBLANC E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: LEBLANC NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: HI MY NAME IS JANET LEBLANC. Dougall and Mary had a son Angus born Febuary 1923. She was from Scotland and fell in love with a coachman and fled to Canada.

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My GGGGrandfather's name was Thimothy Chiasson. Date: Sat Jan 11 2003 Name: Kathy Cyr E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: BREWER & MACEACHERN NOTE: County: Qrytext: Looking for any information on a JOHN BREWER who married MARY MACEACHERN (born in Bay St. Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 Name: Isabel Reynolds E-mail: Isabelle [email protected]: none Surnames: GILLIS, JOHN ARCHIE SON OF GILLIS GILLIS NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: My father, John Archie Gillis was born on Nov. We are trying to find out if we have the the coorect spelling ? Joe Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 Name: james reilly E-mail: [email protected],rr,com URL: Surnames: james reilly NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: marrage to jaen reily at holly redemer chuch whitney pier 1870 on Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 Name: wilin E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: photos NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: hi i am looking for old photos of north street glace bay back in the 1950 or 60 wilma Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 Name: Mike Hughes E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACLEAN, CAPSTICK, BARRON, MACNEIL, BROWN, DONAHUE, NOTE: County: Victoria Qrytext: Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 Name: D Smiley E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: COOK NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for the parents of Thelma Catherine Cook. May 23,1910, mar 1936 James Thomas Donovan Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 Name: D. HE was married twice (Rachel and then Barbara) Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 Name: Ann-Marie Buckley E-mail: URL: Surnames: NOTE: County: Qrytext: Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 Name: Pam E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: WILSON, WIGHT (MCIVER OR MCIVOR), NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Hi, Am looking for any information on a Robert Wilson who came to Alberta around 1905 or later, via Glace Bay, Cape Breton. May have married an Anna Belle Wight (nee Mc Iver). I am looking for the family or decendants of Daniel Mc Kinnon and Mary Chapter. I believe he probably followed other family members to Boston. Actual family members are listed as follows: Rannie, Alex, Patrick, Joseph, Ambrose, Lillian, Frances, Margaret, Hughena, Catherine, Agnes, and Angela. Some of the story has it that they were chased to the dock by family and when they were too late to stop them, she was disowned by the family.Any help whatsoever will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. This is all I know of my families history, if anyone can shed more light for me please do so. I would love to find our family tree...since my knowlege is just bits and pieces Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 Name: amy chuppa E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CHUPPA NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: DOING A SEARCH FOR A FRIEND LOOKING FOR RELATIVES LIVING IN CAPE BRETON.