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I visited hospitals and spent time with children afflicted with cancer.

And through my visits to orphanages in the country, I also advocated adoption which is still not widely accepted there," the beauty queen says.

Sham: In public, Gaddafi claimed to have women's rights at his heart.

In 1981, he said that he had decided 'to wholly liberate the women of Libya in order to rescue them from a world of oppression and subjugation' Cojean spent months verifying Soraya’s story.

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Conventional wisdom suggests that teens are more enthusiastic users of the cell phone than adults.But my secretary and family convinced me that this would be a good thing, so I accepted." "At first, I was apprehensive about going.You hear so many bad things about Arab countries nowadays. The Mediterranean is such an beautiful place -- the quaint one-storeyed houses; the crystal clear ocean, though the Saharan climate was rather dry and sunny. Libya's population is only five million as compared to Mumbai's seven million.But when Gaddafi’s regime collapsed and he was killed in October 2011, Libya and the world did not look at the crimes this monster had committed against women — the gender he professed to love and respect.

In deciding to enforce a no fly zone over Libya, President Obama sided with his administration’s idealists, like senior aide at the National Security Council, Samantha Power, over realists like Defense Secretary Robert Gates.There was a horrible stability there, free from social opprobrium.