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The population of Tokmok is mostly made up of Kyrgyz and ethnic Russians. The Köppen Climate Classification sub-type for Tokmok is "Dfb" or a Warm Summer Continental Climate.

The average annual temperature is 9.5 °C (49.1 °F).

A large collection of ancient gravestones and bal-bals is nearby.

Excavated Scythian artifacts have been moved to museums in St. According to the Population and Housing Census of 2009, the population of Tokmok was 53,231.

The Tokmok plant produces about 2,800 tons of liquid glass per day and 600 tons of glass is produced of the mass per day. At present, raw materials for glass production are mainly provided by Russia and Kazakhstan.

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Osh is mentioned in the greatest epic of the Kyrgyz People - Manas - where the wise man Oshpur was a tutor of Manas.Kyrgyz girls generally look Asian but they have some subtle Caucasian and Middle Eastern features.