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20-Apr-2020 05:03

And whether your father runs as a Democrat or a Republican, neither party trusts the Russians so that would just be political suicide.

Wait, does your father even know what party he’ll be…Donald Trump says he learned early from his father that Jews aren’t real people “otherwise I would have taken him under my wing like he was one of my own sons — he’s truly one of the nicest koshies I’ve ever done business with.”Ivanka: Doesn’t matter.

short-term former White House communications director, first daughter Ivanka Trump and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady never dated, sources tell PEOPLE.

While guest-hosting “TMZ Live” on Monday, Anthony Scaramucci intimated that Brady skipped a visit to the White House at wife Gisele Bündchen’s request because she was “jealous” that Brady had allegedly once dated Ivanka.

Even if he were to face FDR all whiny in his wheelchair, Daddy would still win.

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We need to start making humans, Jared, so Daddy has heirs to continue our dynasty. Daddy’s got it all figured out with this huge, incredible plan. take up hunting so he’ll look like some kind of NRA gun nut.