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20-Mar-2020 13:21

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If so, it is going to be dealt with as a case of corruption and prostitution." Some legal experts believed Ebrahimi’s denial would have been enough to avoid a guilty verdict had she been tried.Under Iranian law, film and video footage must be supported by additional evidence or a confession.

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Neither of the suspects were named by the Islamic Republic News Agency, the state-run news agency in Tehran.

The so-called Iranian sex tape scandal involves the public outcry and judicial proceedings against Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, an actress who appeared in the soap opera Nargess, and an associate producer, accused of appearing together in an explicit sex tape, allegedly filmed for private consumption with a camcorder, a serious crime under Iranian law.

The case served as a catalyst to prompt the lower house of the Parliament of Iran to pass a bill making the production of sexually explicit media, even for private consumption, an offense punishable by death.

After Iranian investigators requested he be arrested, He was reported to have claimed that he and the woman in the film were temporarily married at the time. While Ebrahimi was banned from appearing in films or on television, no formal charges were ever filed against her.

Under the precepts of Shi'a Islam, sex during temporary marriage is permitted. An Iranian judiciary official was quoted as saying: "It depends on finding out whether she had a deliberate role in the case ...If the actress (or another woman) were to have been charged and convicted, the punishment could have been severe.

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