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04-Jun-2020 14:56

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It’s not like you would meet someone you don’t know from another part of town.“Relationships in Turkey were all full of misunderstandings.

You start off as friends, it’s so tricky, so there’s a lot of awkwardness.

Women are just as flirtatious at home, but I’ve never seen anyone chase a guy and continue to do so even after he says he’s taken.”KOREA“Korean girls expect a lot from men.

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You’re able to get to know so many people from different parts of the world.

But here guys are so straightforward and they know what they want, so it’s better.“The way Americans approach relationships is very open and not monogamous. Automatically, if I’m seeing someone, I don’t even look at other people.“Back home, there are friends with benefits, but it’s not well-known. You date from the same social pool, so if there’s a one night stand it’s gonna be super awkward.“I feel like men here don’t take charge as much.