Illicit dating

03-Jun-2020 06:44

The site, which now claims to have 1,059,857 genuine users since launching in 2004, says it has purchased an island just 100 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, England.

The island, known as the Illicit Retreat, will offer married people a secure, secret location where they can go and meet partners outside of their marriage.

Neither wants to divorce and they are loving parents to their children.“He sees women very discreetly for sex without his wife’s knowledge.

He specifically chose the site because he wanted no-strings fun.”Louise lives with Mark in Camberley, Surrey, where 616 people are having affairs, according to the Infidelity Index.“If you are looking to have an extramarital affair, the Surrey commuter belt is perfect," says Louise.

"There are plenty of middle class people in the Acacia Avenues around here craving some added excitement in their lives.” Mark doesn't mind that his partner is unfaithful.

"I am fully aware of Louise’s lifestyle and don’t see anything wrong with it," he says.

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And prior to their flight, each member will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to affirm the confidentiality of the trip.

Don’t dismiss it as a one-off or a weird phase – there’s no smoke without fire.” NOTES TO EDITOR Illicit is the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity.