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Common suggestions include having upwards of 30 sell sheets, which is essentially single page advertisements built to sell your game to publishers, and having 10 or more extra copies of your game to give to publishers if they want it for further review.

4) I found 30 sell sheets to be an appropriate amount.

” No matter how prepared I tried to be, nothing could prepare me to stand up to the all powerful publishers. ” 3) Publishers are just people like you and me, and most of them are at the convention to have a good time, meet people and do what we all love — play board games.

Towering over me in their expensive suits, shaking their heads when they realized that the copy of my game was printed a little too dark. But then I spoke with my first publisher, lean guy with a dark red beard wearing a backpack a t-shirt and jeans. Almost every single publisher I met was kind, humble, thankful, and super eager to learn all about my game, whether or not it was something that would fit their catalog.

The prototype of my game costs close to , so 10 copies would have cost me a lot.

how to survive dating-69

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Be sure to thank each of the publishers for their time during the event and in a follow-up email to keep you on their radar. It did not appeal to most of the publishers, for one reason or another, but I am still in the running with a few of them and I am organizing a time to give personal demos to each.

Even if it doesn’t work out, I learned a lot and had a ton of fun doing it!