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Did you stop saying 'hot tranny mess' because of the backlash from groups like GLAAD? Obviously, I respect what everyone was saying, but no, it was because you grow and you mature. It wasn't like I said those things all the time -- that was an edited TV show. Is criticism harder to hear now or back on the Project Runway stage? Now that it's like a real business, you have to make sure the collections are up to par and it's hard. Do you keep in contact with celebrities after you dress them?I was on Project Runway almost three years ago, so you kind of do a lot within that time. You put so much work into something and spend so much money and time. Yeah, Christina and I definitely keep a voice together. I just sent her a little message saying she looked amazing on Harper's and things like that.Lo and a thumbs up from the Fug Girls, who had great comments, as usual: Christina Hendricks has the kind of fabulous bod that most designers wouldn’t know how to handle.Any time Project Runway throws the contestants a challenge to make clothes for mothers, or divorcees, or generally people who aren’t 5’10″and 100 lbs, they all start wailing and moaning that it’s not what their designs are about and it’s so haaaard, and blah blah blah.Since his victory, he's become the show's most successful alumnus, showing collections for New York Fashion Week since 2008. 'Having a moment' is still around and it makes a cameo every now and then, as do all the others when I'm in the studio making something. There are so many people that will love it and so many people will hate it. Because these women are really dressing themselves.We caught up with the 2008 Out 100 inductee to chat about catchphrases, his Craigslist conundrum, and tough criticism. Other than that, I haven't caught much of the show because it's always Thursday night -- the worst night I work. Some people remember and they'll say the craziest -- anything that I've ever said on the show. Oprah took the most press, and it was the most work. They're not afraid to show off their curves and their bodies."All those times I had agents who were like, 'You have to lose some weight,' and all of a sudden, people are celebrating it," she told Health. Thank you for letting me be me.'"Hendricks plays Joan Holloway, the office bombshell who keeps the men who want her, and the secretaries who depend on her, in check. "You don't put a big girl in a big dress," fashion critic Cathy Horyn wrote in a recent New York Times story about the dress Hendricks wore to the Golden Globes.The criticism hurts her feelings, she told New York Magazine in February. "I would take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, 'Oh, I look like a woman.' And I felt beautiful, and I never tried to lose it, 'cause I loved it." Although she "breaks every healthy rule" by eating salty and creamy foods, she tells the magazine that she's started working out for the first time.

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It was such a breeze compared to the real business and reality of it. And we also send out from the collection all the time. Definitely Christina's one, and Mena Suvari, Veronica Webb, Maggie Grace -- all those girls -- I try to keep in touch with them as best I can. The Wall Street Journal called your collection closing paprika-colored dress 'Elmo-like.' What was your inspiration behind that -- was it Elmo? Actually, a lot of the inspiration came from China. Do you ever feel like people write you off because you got your start in reality TV? I think what people don't realize is that I went to design school in London.

Still, sexy real woman curves can be hard to find on Hollywood sets, and the hour-glass shaped beauty definitely stands out.

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