Helping children cope with dating after divorce

17-Dec-2019 18:07

Such children may approach relationships with some trepidation, but be otherwise functional.

Other children react profoundly to divorce, end up coping in dysfunctional and self-destructive ways and go on to have continuing life problems.

They might also become fearful and withdrawn or anxious and clingy.When depression takes that form, parents are likely to think of it in terms of discipline problems and respond with punishment.It takes maturity and a broader perspective to stand back and realize that your child's misbehavior may actually be a way of communicating how they are feeling.They may worry that they caused the divorce by being a "bad child", or that they will be abandoned or neglected.

They may come to believe that no one is trustworthy.A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children -- with Love!