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_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Or, my contribution to the overdone group chat fics because I love them anyway and my friends and I have the best convos. kogayne : Is your username seriously a Lady Gaga pun? kogayne : ...kogayne : Touché.----in which pictures are sent,mistakes are made,and boys are stupidly oblivious. Kogayne: I came here to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now. (Or, one sad author saw their own messed up groupchat and thought 'That sounds like something Lance would do.') Dedicated to my dorky friends.lanceylance: okay so obviously i’m romeocarrierpidgeon: romeo was a playerkogayne: yep so he’s romeo and i’m juliet, who’s paris In which the team is in high school, and Lance makes a group chat (ft. Hunker: A friend of the group, but not so much the individual. Pidgeon: Someday you're going to die because you pissed off your friend and he shot you? Honestly, I don't even know where I'd be without you guys. pidgearoni: I HEAR KNOCKINGpidgearoni: THERE IS A VERY ANGRY SHIRO TRYING TO BREAK INTO OUR HOUSErazzledazzle: oo H SHITpidgearoni: OH SHIT SHIRO FOUND THE SPARE KEYpidgearoni: HE’S IN THE HOUSEpidgearoni: THE MOUSE IS IN THE POOLpidgearoni: I REPEATpidgearoni: THE MOUSE IS IN THE POOL--alternatively titled; 'mocha jumps onto the overused chat fic bandwagon and writes a chat fic when they're supposed to be working on a school project"rated T for profanity :)) sorrynotsorry Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are all juniors in college.Apart from that, it is the same old dating problems with a different sheen.While there are plenty of lurid headlines out there on Tinder Social that mention orgies and "enabling group sex," it's a stronger likelihood that you'll be listening to an offbeat tambourine playing in an empty pub._____________________________________________________________________________________________________Or, my contribution to the overdone group chat fics because I love them anyway and my friends and I have the best convos. The feature has already been criticised for allowing someone to easily see an entire list of Facebook friends who are signed up to Tinder.There's always that one squad member that never looks at/responds to the chat and then gets angry when she's left out of plans. Haha, how funny being roasted by the entire world is. When two people start having a totally A-B conversation in the chat. Why should the group have to rewrite out the whole situation on their tiny keyboards?

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When you're part of a squad, being able to stay in constant contact is essential, but the obligatory group chat necessary to communicate with all your besties at once, comes with some major struggles. It's essentially your group's central point of communication when making major squad decisions, like what your group costume is going to be for Halloween this year and figuring out which outfit is going to make your friend's crush swoon on their first date (after you all intensely debate, and come to the conclusion that their chill sesh at the park is, in fact, a date, of course). The constant notifications are ANNOYING, but you can't turn them off in fear of missing something important.4. That friend who usually just pops in to post a random screenshot of a meme they saw on Instagram. When your entire squad is group chatting about that party you can't attend. Someone always thinks it's funny to screencap someone's stupid response to a message in the PRIVATE group chat and share it on every social media network.

Lance has a crush on this mysterious senior (who wears fingerless gloves?