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The 46-year-old star took to Instagram to break the news to her 900,000 followers in a heartfelt post. YES.' While she was obviously happy about the news, she was also realistic.The caption was celebratory, but still tentative, as the diagnosis is always subject to change when dealing with cancer.'Moments. Today was and is a moment,' she began 'what does remission mean? 'As every single one of my fellow cancer family knows, the next five years is crucial. I'm going to just breathe.' 'Even with positive results, it's the next five years that determine so much. And thank God for every second.'Luckily, husband Kurt Iswarienko has been with her every step of the way.It was only after having memorized my weekly grocery essentials (and avoiding the chips and dips aisle) that I stopped being dependent on them (though I still keep a list on my phone for easy reference).Back in high school, our class once tackled a poem about a woman who had a “grocery list” for her dream man.And then, inevitably, the unexpected happens and you end up falling for someone who doesn’t match your usual preferences (i.e.

As a fifteen year-old, she wanted someone rich, handsome, kind, and smart: the whole package (or Edward Cullen, blood lust and sparkly skin notwithstanding).While grocery shopping might seem significantly less pleasurable than dating (or vice versa, depending on who you ask), the following list reveals that being successful at one or the other requires similar skill sets (the kind that go beyond being okay with draining your savings account in one go).Whether you’re preparing for an oncoming storm, stocking up on junk food for rom-com night, or simply replenishing your fridge, a successful grocery run entails sticking to an objective and employing a specific strategy to get it.Eventually, you go back to nonchalantly tossing a jar of Nutella into your grocery cart, first-date sweaty pits be damned.

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If you’ve been dating for quite a while, you tend to establish a “type.” Mestiza/mestizo, chinito/chinita, gentlemanly/ladylike, liberal/conservative, city boy/province lass, younger/older, etc.I was confident that I could do it without a list, so I didn’t bother making one. I ended up forgetting some key items (which I had to rush back for), and worse, tossing things into my cart that I didn’t really need.