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07-Apr-2020 21:39

Reason Khan was 'attacking' the toddler A big rule in college dorms is students aren’t allowed to have pets -- that’s why these college students were so surprised to find this strange animal in their dorm.

Unusual creature found roaming hallway It appears as if you have caught someone’s eye now and you’re flattered by the attention.

The women wait for you to start staring, and, just when you're interested, they hit you up for money.

You've seen them sitting at their keyboards, wearing barely anything, winking at you, typing to nobody in particular with thin, lethargic arms: bored and conventionally beautiful.

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They invade your peripheral vision; they pop up behind your window.

Co-stars who actually hated each other It’s a challenge to determine which of America's steakhouses is truly the most expensive, but these establishments offer a slew of extremely pricey entrées.