German culture dating

25-Jun-2020 01:09

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Then, the bride and groom share their first dance togetherit is traditionally the waltz (Marriage 2005).

The next dance is for the bride and her father and the groom and his mother, while the brides mother dances with the grooms father (German Wedding Traditions, Part 1 2004).

As the bride and groom exit the church, friends throw rice on them.

Germans believe that the bride will have as many children as the grains of rice that stay in her hair.

"A wedding party gathers after the civil ceremony at the Berlin-Kpenick city hall.

A few nights before the church ceremony, the groom and his friends go out to a local pub, which is called junggesellenabschiedsimilar to a bachelors party in America (Phelan 2005).

The couple and their guests create a car procession and drive through town honking their hornsoften times others will honk back wishing the couple good luck (German Wedding Traditions, Part 1 2004).