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In the meantime, Harper and Hailey have adjusted to their custom headgear, and their parents have learned to field strangers’ questions.

When a child at the mall ran over and said, “They’re so cute! ” Lou explained, “Their heads aren’t as round as yours, so they wear helmets.” Gina looks forward to the day, a few months from now, when the girls won’t need those helmets anymore; she envisions beach vacations, a trip to Disneyland, a first communion.

Her research interests lie in media theory and critical theory, particularly with regards to the shaping of subjectivity and agency through and with media technologies.

She published a book entitled Meaning in the Age of Social Media (Palgrave, 2014).

Professor Langlois is currently co-principal investigator on a SSHRC standard research grant to study the politics of social media platforms.

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In The Unlike Us Reader, ed, Geert Lovink and Miriam Rasch, 50-60.

At Gina’s first ultrasound appointment, the OB swooshed the probe over her still-flat belly and murmured, “Oh, that’s interesting.” “What, I’m not pregnant? “You’ve got to be bleeping kidding,” he managed to say. “I was shocked, excited, and worried about money.” But the pregnancy was relatively smooth: not a moment of morning sickness, and after the danger period for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome had passed, they were able to relax a bit. they’ll be best friends.” Still, nothing prepared the couple for that first night at home, when both babies cried inconsolably from evening until morning.