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29-Dec-2019 06:48

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The two goals most of you probably want to accomplish are: helping them come to the conclusion that they “LIKE” Golf (maybe not as obsessively as you, but at least willing to make a habit of working to improve their game).According to the National Golf Foundation, the proportion of female players is right around 20-25%. There are obviously an increasing number of women interested in getting started in golf, but the problem is finding the right way to get them started and to keep them interested*.It truly is a game that will stay with you for better and for worse, but can also ultimately bring you some of the greatest rewards you will ever experience in your life.Many of you may have tried to get your woman into the game, but came out of it with nothing to show for your efforts.

UPDATE: Women like shopping, especially when you are paying for it!

Luckily I had Slurpee coupons to win as incentive (see Rocketboobz post for reference) when I started. If you’re at the range, tell her if she hits 5 shots within a certain distance to a target you’ll get her that new Twilight DVD that just came out (I personally could care less about Twilight but hey, it works for millions of other girls).

While we’re on the subject of Twilight, that leads me into the next greatest thing about girls that play golf.

That’s how she’ll feel with your old Powerbilt Blades whose grips are so dry-rotted she’ll think she needs a tetanus shot after the round.

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Whether you’re teaching your daughter or your significant other, THAT GUY analyzes every shot she hits and points out why it didn’t go according to plan.

But Indonesia harbors one of the best-kept secrets in the world of travel: it is a golfer's paradise.