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Laurel, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, had been instructed to remain in the City of Manila by President Quezon, who withdrew to Corregidor and then to the United States to establish a government in exile in the United States.

The General Headquarters and Military Camp Base of the Philippine Commonwealth Army was a military station are moved in the province.

The Philippines was transferred from Spanish to American control by the Treaty of Paris of 1898, signed in December of that year.

The Philippine–American War broke out between the United States and Aguinaldo's government. The current government of the Republic of the Philippines, considers Emilio Aguinaldo to be the first President of the Philippines.

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Abad Santos was subsequently executed by the Imperial Japanese Army on May 2, 1942. Laurel became President under a constitution imposed by the Japanese occupation.The President is directly elected by the people every unrenewable six-year term, and is one of only two nationally elected executive officials, the other being the Vice President of the Philippines.