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I’d feel humiliated but after everything that happened yesterday, maybe you can forgive me. I wanted to text you back as soon as I got your number but I was hanging with Craig and I thought it would be rude to keep pulling out my phone. Flirt with me too much and you might make Craig jealous. It was clawing at my heart, desperately urging me to tell her the truth about Craig. It would be easy enough to tell her about the previous girls, give her their names, have her talk with them. I may not have been feeling as bad as I had the night before, or when I woke up for that matter, but even dad realized this wasn’t a morning to make jokes. ” he asked, putting down his paper and giving me a concerned look. I’ll put some in right after you leave.” “Thanks, mom.” I started eating. She grinned the whole time, letting out whooping shrieks whenever she was almost hit and groaning in sympathy whenever a player was taken out. It wasn’t as massive as it felt but it didn’t look like it was going to go down any time soon. He came up and leaned against the locker next to me. Seeing it in porn is one thing but this was something else.

Nothing feels worse than waking up after crying yourself to sleep. Mom and dad, as expected, were waiting at the breakfast table. “Lucky guess,” he grinned, “Besides, you didn’t go gaga for any girls last year and she’s the only one I could think of that A) is brand new and B) is pretty enough to make you the Glum Gremlin.” My mouth twitched. They peeled away, Craig’s arm hanging out the window so he could flip me off as they drove away. “If she’s dumb enough to date him, she isn’t worth your time,” Amanda said with a small smile. “You don’t know her, Amanda, so just keep your mouth shut.” She looked hurt and I immediately regretted saying it. Kayla had a good arm and was more than capable of holding her own. The pain gradually lessened in my face, replaced with a growing pressure that I knew would be a bruise. After what seemed like an eternity, Walburn came back in and asked, “How’s the face? The first thing I did was look at myself in the mirror. It looked more like I had taken a punch right below the eye than been hit by a rubber ball. The rest of the guys came streaming in and most of them made a beeline right for me, Brad and Joe in the lead. It doesn’t hurt any worse than looking at your faces usually does.” That got some laughter and dispelled some of the tension. The tension immediately returned but Craig didn’t seem to mind. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what Amanda was doing. Joe was poking me in the side of the head the rest of the way to class, giggling like a cretin. She wanted to understand stuff that we wouldn’t even hint at for a couple weeks. ” she said playfully, “We already had a draw this morning.” “Fine, fine, another draw. ” For about half an hour I gave her some pointers on the stuff she wanted to know. ” No new videogame for me anytime soon but, honestly, that wasn’t my concern right now. We’ll go as soon as the bell rings.” She slotted her hand into mine and squeezed it. The school store was barely larger than the janitor’s closet, stuff with school paraphernalia that, I guess, was supposed to instill school spirit but really only looked tacky. ” In retrospect, I should have kept my big mouth shut. ” “No,” I said with a smile, “I’m just impressed.” “With what? You’re the only person I’ve ever known who actually wants to do that. You’re impressive.” The blush spread from her cheeks to the rest of her face like wildfire. I am not.” “Yes you are.” “Are we going to do this again? Thankfully, Kayla was too busy repacking her bag to notice. You’re still taking the long way round.” “If taking the long way round means I don’t go flying off a cliff, I’m perfectly fine with that. You poke and poke and poke until I do what you want? It wasn’t two hands holding each other; it was one hand, perfectly molded to fit. Very faintly I could hear Joe making smooching noises behind me and I resolved to sew his mouth shut.

“Didn’t really have anything in mind,” I said, “Whatever she wants to talk about, I guess.’ “Suit yourself. ” Again, I know it sounds like she might have been buttering me up, but I promise you, it was completely genuine. It was as if there were tiny magnets in our hands, holding them together. “Don’t be.” My heart was thumping and I knew I was turning red.

Everyone else was getting along just fine but all I was seeing were two couples who were happily having sex and clearly loving every minute of it. Honestly, what I was looking for was a relationship more than anything. I wanted a girl I could talk for hours to, could go on long rides that were way too short with, could hang out with and not have to look at my watch. “Whatever you want.” There had been something different about her today that I had noticed back at home and now I put my finger on it. ” Her hair was still tied up but the hair-bow was gone. “You know, I would probably like it a lot better if I didn’t have to pick it apart with freaking tweezers.” “Thank God for the Internet, right? “It’s okay, they’ve got some for sale in the school store. They should be free but that would require that this hole have a beating heart somewhere. “Hey, babe,” he said calmly as we approached, “I waited for you outside of your homeroom.” “Sorry, Craig,” she said, giving him a hug. “Oh, you pissed him off good,” Brad said, “By the way, good job earning brownie points.” “Earning what? I liked him a lot, everyone liked him, but having him a gym teacher was almost terrifying. I grabbed a locker, memorized the combination to the lock that had been printed on a small slip of paper taped to the back of the padlock, and started to undress. “I thought the first day was all about telling us all the interesting stuff we would eventually be doing,” Joe said, tugging off his shirt, “What the hell does Walburn have planned for a first class?