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But if you have the means, we highly recommend the SDI route.DSLR cameras are considered in the same category as HDMI cameras in regards to using them for live video streaming.Many factors can cause your seller to want to put their home on the market. Are they dealing with grief over something like death or divorce? We’ve heard success stories from clients who have used recorded video messages when communicating with their clients about a lower asking price.Something of that nature can cause clients to try and overprice their home. This allows you to make a more empathetic and emotional appeal, while giving them the space they need to absorb the feeling and the facts you provide.Since SDI cables lock into place they provide a stable & reliable connection and are the best for long cable runs.

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Have you ever felt like a therapist to your home buyers and sellers?

Buyers often believe a new home will make them significantly happier.

And while it may, their happiness is definitely dependent on the trade-offs involved. We make our decisions emotionally, then rationalize them to ourselves.

This interface was designed for home theater systems, but has become super popular in the live stream camera world due to the fact that they are a bit less expensive than the SDI cameras but still have a lot of bang for your buck.

Video cameras with HDMI outputs are a great choice because there are many inexpensive models available that shoot and record in HD and output over HDMI.They need to have a HDMI output from the camera, as well as a capture device or capture card between the camera and your computer.