Flash 8 datagrid updating flash remoting cfc

23-Apr-2020 01:55

Also, to generate such complex code involving tight relationship between tables, BOLT(Cold Fusion Builder) can be used.It now ships with a fully functional code generation tool which is very friendly with Flash Builder’s Data Centric Development:) Please refer to my previous post for more details.In this tutorial, you will create a data service for the CFC and then use the Flash Builder Data Management wizard to map CRUD operations between the application and the server by creating Action Script event handlers for the UI controls.

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I would assume this would require an effort of a day or two.

Note that the properties of the data type are the query columns returned from the CFC method.

You learned earlier that the arguments for each service were introspected from the CFC by the Flash Builder Data Service wizard.

I am not sure if any of us can do the same in a much shorter span!

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FYI, Obviously this is just a starting point, for more complicated application involving complex server side logic one still needs to write his server side code.

This file would contain 7 functions for CRUD and a function getemployees_Paged and count for pagination.

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