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In fact, Angel said that many call center employees she knows first took on a female persona while on the phone with customers — long before they personally identified as trans.What’s more, success at work can give those with nascent trans identities the confidence to present as women in real life.“In call centers, we are embraced and celebrated not because of our gender and who we are,” Angel told me, “but we are equally treated because of what we produce and perform in the company.”The call center industry has thus not only promoted transgender women, but actually shaped their identities in fundamental ways.According to David, this is because trans women talk among themselves and congregate in workplaces that have a reputation for being trans-friendly.David said that trans women act as “emotional shock-absorbers” who become indispensable for livening up overnight shifts and dealing with the Western customers they cater to.Security is tight in call centers, since companies are worried about protecting client data, but after a few minutes, Angel returned and motioned for me to come through.

That first experience of being affirmed and treated seamlessly as a woman by American customers profoundly influenced her desire to identify as a woman in the rest of her life.“I realized how much I enjoyed being feminine,” Angel said.Today, many of the most prominent trans leaders in the country are former call center workers.“Trans women often don’t enter the call center as trans,” David said.