Estj and entj dating

16-Mar-2020 21:36

INFJs often respond most to Quality Time- which simply means time spent soaking in the presence of their partner.

During this time they find it is important to be focused on each other, and not their surroundings.

They feel closer and more at ease with a partner who enjoy showing them physical affection.

They also don’t mind receiving the occasional compliment and verbal reassurance, it helps them to realize what their partner is thinking and feeling.

Physical Touch is something that can go either way for INFJs, and is not as easy to pinpoint.

Some INFJs find that they enjoy being touched by their romantic partner as a way to show their affection, but will likely dislike being touched by most other people.

INFJs often do not care much about gift giving, but can understand if that is someone else’s way of showing love.

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This simply takes time and patience, and requires a partner who understands the INFPs unique ways.

INFPs can be tricky when it comes to expressing affection, since their love language is something very personal to them.

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