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According to some researchers, there were originally between 40 and 50 such monuments, with others suggesting there may have been as many as a hundred in the Neolithic.Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user: NASA Irina has a BA in English literature and linguistics from Sofia University and is definitely more partial to the former than the latter.The first day of November, Samhain as the Celts called it, was considered the end of summer and the beginning of the winter.The second day of February, on the other hand, was called Imbolc.Back in August 1980, the two researchers noted that the moon also illuminated parts of the chamber, first hitting a cup mark on the endstone, then travelling to the bottom of the Whispering Stone.Irish Central points out the accuracy with which the structure was made, possibly as an astronomical tool for, among other things, predicting solar eclipses.

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Undoubtedly, the day Christ was crucified was an eternally significant day.

) According to the Hebrew system of hours, this darkness would have fallen upon the earth roughly between - p.m.