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Even if everyone on the planet already knows who you are, sooner or later, people will be born who won't. Can you imagine a book or a film or a piece of music without a title? But hopefully your titles will be more engaging and informative than "Untitled." If you don't like titles or you don't use titles, explain somewhere why you don't title your artwork.

And if any of them ever inherit or otherwise acquire your unsigned unidentified artwork, they won't know what to do with it because they'll have no idea who you are or how famous you've become, which means they might throw it in the trash which happens way more often than you might think. Given two identical untitled works of art, one with an explanation of why it's untitled and the other with no explanation, the one with the explanation is worth more and will sell for a higher price than the one without.

Now they're both the same price, you like them both equally well, and you can buy either one or the other. Any artist including you can add value to any work of art almost instantly, thereby increasing its perceived significance in the eyes of serious collectors, and very possibly the price they'll be willing to pay for it as well. Or if it is signed, but only people who know you can read the signature, sign or print your name legibly somewhere else like on the back, so people who don't know who you are can read it too (as astonishing as this may seem, not everyone will always know who you are-- so make sure that if they don't, they will once they read that signature).

One you know nothing about; the other you know a whole bunch about. In other words, you add value to artwork by informing, enhancing, and deepening the experiences people have when they see it.

If you don't know what your artwork is about, write about your process, what you think about while you work, how you start, how you proceed, how you know you're done, and so on. Given two identical works of art, one with accompanying text and the other with nothing, the one with the text is worth more than the one without. Seasoned collectors would, and they do-- all the time.

Similarly, artwork with text written by the artist is generally worth more than artwork with text written by third parties (although under certain circumstances, informed or famous third party commentaries can influence value). Keeping good records of your art and art career is a good idea no matter how you look at it.

People need to know what artwork is made out of because as it gets older, it can degrade, deteriorate, change appearance, dry out, shrink, crack, get wet, start smelling, get dirty, get dusty or incur damage, and people who restore art (fine art conservators) need to know its ingredients in order to effectively treat, maintain and preserve it over time.Pair each piece of your artwork with a packet of information about yourself and recommend to those who buy your art to keep the two together.That way, when your artwork changes ownership (and sooner or later it will), all future owners will know exactly what they've got. After 1900, the machine serial numbers have a single or two-letter prefix.

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