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He tried to imprison Krishna's parents but they were able to flee and survive in time.

Surprisingly, Jesus Christ has a very similar story as well in which the evil king Herod actually issued a royal decree to warrant Christ's death.

Also, the fact that Joseph is supposedly added in the gospels of Matthew and Luke but not in the early epistles of Paul, has interested many scholars because it shows that the exchange of knowledge (number 12 for example), happened from Hinduism to Christianity and not the other way round.

Finally, everyone knows that Jesus dined with 12 apostles in the last supper, which again is intriguing when we see it in terms of so many other such seemingly unrelated Christian stories throughout different versions of Bible.

Krishna means "of darker color" and Christ means "covered in dark/olive oil" - Now, this one is obviously almost exactly the same and makes even the most skeptic Christians wonder how can even the names have exactly the same meaning! Just think about it for a second, if I cover myself with any anointments, would the color of my skin change to darker? If someone is still skeptic, we went deeper into the Hebrew language and found that the word "Chrism" actually refers to anointment by Olive oil!

Some Christian skeptics have gone on to claim that Christ doesn't mean dark and rather, it means "anointed", which is a valid point because "anointed" indeed is one of the old translations of the word "Christ". A person covered with olive oil will certainly look darker and can be thought of as "of darker color" or in other words - "Krishna"!

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The name "Vasudev" is actually a part of the famous Hindu "12 syllable mantra".

Both Christ and Krishna were divine beings / "sons of God" walking on the earth as mortals - This one is obvious but extremely important because of the fact that Christ is not depicted as an angel or a jinni or some other supernatural creature in the Bible!

Instead, Christ is considered the Son of God Himself!

Matthew's genealogy also is organized into three tesseradecads and the last of those connects Joseph to Zerubbabel through 12 generations (excluding Joseph because he is a descendent), and we note that this number 12 shows up all over again.

Many experts believe that these changes to genealogy are deliberate and there are plenty of contradictions regarding both Joseph and Jesus's genealogy, but one thing that always shows up is this number 12!

Both Christ and Krishna clearly state that the only way to salvation is through them - Lord Krishna, in Bhagwat Geeta, states that Moksha is attained by those who completely surrender to Him and Him alone.

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