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06-May-2020 08:47

This article is about protesters with threatening protest signs — not about all threats in all settings.The key question is: Were any protesters ever arrested or questioned for displaying threatening messages about President Bush at a protest? In the very few instances that I could uncover, the incident was either misconstrued by the media, or the protester was at an actual presidential appearance (where there are special security concerns) — or people were detained for other reasons totally aside from their protest messages.If you want to get straight to the action and not bother with reading the rest of this introduction, simply scroll down a short way to see the pictures right now.But if you’re outraged by the very existence of this report, or curious about my motivations for publishing it, then please take a few minutes to read the following explanation.

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But that’s the key right there: The Secret Service has only a limited budget and a limited number of investigators, and so can’t be present to witness every potential threat as it appears.

The reason: Because the media intentionally failed to report on them.

Which is why both the average American and the Secret Service never became aware of many of these protest threats.

All I am saying is that threats to Bush similarly pursued — but weren’t.

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And the only reason I’m publishing the essay is that many Obama supporters — to my astonishment — now claim that Bush was never threatened at protests.

Threats to the president aren’t excusable now, and weren’t excusable in the past — and yet death threats against Bush at protests seem to have been routinely ignored for years (and readers who have any evidence showing that the threateners depicted below were ever prosecuted for threatening the president, please tell me and I’ll update this essay with the new info). No — I am not calling the Secret Service incompetent.

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