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Some said that while Frampton might be an unsympathetic figure, the university was setting a dangerous precedent that could be used as a back-door method to fire tenured faculty.

Oxford University graduate Paul Frampton has been held in prison since January after being stopped at an airport in Buenos Aires as he tried to board a plane to Peru with two kilograms of cocaine in his suitcase.

Frampton countered that he was able to perform enough of his normal duties, including doing independent research, writing papers and advising students by phone, to earn his pay.

Almost 75 academics, including several internationally known physicists and dozens of UNC faculty members, signed an open letter condemning the way the pay had been stopped.

I don't usually pay attention to the ads on my Facebook profile, and they're pretty easy to ignore.

But this one stood out: Not only because of the mistargeting (Christian singles is pretty far off the mark), but because it features a model with huge tracts of Bible: Then I realized that I'd seen this particular particularly pneumatic model before -- she's busty glamour model Denise Milani (she works non-nude -- barely -- but I wouldn't call the site SFW) and she's a former Sportsby Brooks girl.

Extraordinary details of the events leading up to his arrest emerged – including a 10 day stay in Bolivia waiting for Miss Milani to join him for the start of a new life together before his fateful trip to Argentina.

Frampton, who was able to leave Argentina after serving half his 56-month sentence, has relocated to England, where he was born and raised.

Efforts to reach him by email on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Worcestershire-born Mr Frampton, 68, awarded a BA degree with Double First Class Honours at Oxford, said: "Perhaps I should have realised earlier but the fraudster was very good and very intelligent. "For 11 weeks I thought I was chatting with an attractive woman." Divorced Mr Frampton was arrested on January 23 at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, moments before he boarded a plane to Peru.

The drugs were found wrapped in gift paper inside the lining of the suitcase.Mr Frampton claims he was given the suitcase at a hotel in Buenos Aires by a Hispanic-looking middle-aged man who told him it belonged to the model.