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28-Jul-2020 15:14

Indeed, Robert De Niro has been joined by fellow Hollywood star Jim Carrey, whose ex-girlfriend Jenny Mc Carthy also has an autistic son.

He believes there is a link and has called California's governor a 'corporate fascist' for signing a law requiring all children attending the state's public schools to be vaccinated Billy, now 20, features in Wakefield's film.

She furiously denies wrongly linking her son's MMR jab to autism.

'A mother knows her child,' she insists, adding that the time has passed when she was simply looking for someone to blame.

Robert De Niro is widely reckoned to be the world's trickiest celebrity to interview.

He will sit looking morose and mumble monosyllabic answers.

At the time, he was a well-respected gastroenterologist working at London's Royal Free Hospital. Others counselled that single jabs should be given rather than the triple vaccine.

Also, it is an uncomfortable reminder to those who thought they had silenced him and any discussion of links between the triple jab and autism that America is the home of free speech, and the Establishment is not impervious to criticism.

With the commercial value of holding the licence to make a government-prescribed single vaccine worth as much as billion a year in the U.

S., Vaxxed suggests that rich pharmaceutical companies could hardly have had a stronger vested interest in promoting their vaccines In Britain, one in 100 people is estimated to be affected, and the figure appears to have levelled out. S., it continues to rise, with the latest figure estimating the frequency at one in 45 children — an 80 per cent increase in three years.

The movie contains a bombshell revelation: the existence of a 1994 study (pre-dating Wakefield's findings in The Lancet) by the U. government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that buried the suggestion the MMR jab was associated with a 340 per cent increased risk of autism in African-American boys.

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The film shows a secretly taped confession by William Thompson, a senior researcher at the CDC, that he and fellow authors of a study 'omitted statistically significant information' that black children who received the MMR vaccine before the age of three were at increased risk of autism.

Of course, any parent of an autistic child who fears the disorder occurred as the result of a triple vaccine is also caught in an 'invidious position', their life convulsed by a condition that is not properly understood and remains the subject of bitter debate.

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