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Contacts CSV are all supported as one-off contact imports.

Here’s how it looks when you’ve started to import contacts: When you link up any of the above, Linked In automatically finds and adds the new contact details to any pre-existing names in your contact list.

Make way for another major update to the Linked In platform: today the company is relaunching its Contacts section as a smart contact management system that will let users link up and integrate connections on Linked In with those from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft apps; Evernote; Trip It; your i Phone and more, and then serve as a “personal assistant” to help manage the interactions you make with them.

Along with this, Linked In is launching a Contacts app for the i Phone — its third standalone app in addition to Linked In itself and business card scanner Card Munch, and the first time that Linked In has broken out one feature of its platform in its own app.

Contacts is the first big product to come out of Linked In’s October 2011 acquisition of Connected, the smart contacts management platform it bought to “revolutionize contact management” on Linked In.

Rekhi, the product lead for Contacts, was one of the co-founders of Connected.

The different sources then appear as icons next to each name: That list, in turn, can now be organised in different ways, using a tab in the upper right corner, with different views including by recent conversations (and its communications opposite, by those with whom we’ve lost touch).

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Gmail, for example, creates a contact out of everyone who has emailed you, but you may not actually want all those people in your larger Contacts network.The main idea behind it is to help Linked In become more of a platform for managing and interacting with people you know through work.In turn, this will (Linked In hopes) increase the amount of time that users spend on Linked In as a whole.In addition to the new i Phone and Android apps, Linked In had a major website overhaul last year; launched a new search engine; introduced status update mentions and Klout-style endorsements; and it is also expanding its premium offerings, such as its Recruiter homepage for some of the site’s most prolific users.

Mobile is playing a big role in that drive for more usage.Rekhi points out that even if they are imported, Linked In sorts “intelligently” and will pick up if you’re not actually interacting with people on a regular basis and subsequently rank them lower in non-alphabetical list views.

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