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Articles - 500 words (Turn around depends on what you need) I've had over 20 articles written by Sebastian's team and I'm really impressed. After looking over a free sample article from Sebastian, I've just added him to my Rolodex. Sebastian sent me back articles almost immediately.

The articles are well researched and written very well and flow rather smoothly. Great service, I will be in touch again soon, and would highly recommend to all warriors Cheers Big JP I test out new writers all the time. The articles are written in a very easy-going, conversational manner.

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The 3 keywords I supplied were interwoven unnoticeable into the articles and with a good density. I’ve outsourced a lot of articles, picked up a lot of PLR, and written a lot.

The sample articles he supplies on this thread for viewing folks DO NOT do Sebastion credit as to what he will provide. Must ----- have ------- Sebastian -------- content. When I saw Sebastian’s offer, I figured it might be a great way to leverage the investments I’ve already made, but was cautious because the price was so low.

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Minisite - PM me with what you need and I'll hook you up. Sales Copy - PM me with what you need and I'll hook you up. Articles - 400 words (Turn around depends on what you need)8. My requirements are for keyword phrase based articles in informational niches. I emailed Sebastian about his sample / trial offer, and sent very specific keyword phrases in 3 completely different niches.

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Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum Get great deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Trainings and other Offers at the world's largest Internet marketing marketplace Dear Warrior, I don't think I have to tell anyone on this forum, that the dating market is probably one of the hottest markets out there.

The 3 articles were totally unique and even though they were on the same keyword there were not just re-jigged.

I'm going to be submitting them to some directories tomorrow and when I see some results I'll be back for more! Thomas Smale ..wanted to thank you for your excellent articles!

Spelling and grammar are perfect, and keyword density is just right. Mark Sebastian, Thanks for writing those 3 free sample articles.