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07-Dec-2019 02:04

If someone comes to see me for therapy, they receive my undivided attention whether I find them interesting or likable. If I was too busy sending out flirty signals, I would miss getting to know someone in a truly authentic way. It is likely not nearly as personal as you think it is. I expect people to be guarded starting out, and I tell them that I not only it. Be willing to explore the relationship, rather than make immediate demands on it.

When writing a treatment plan for a client, I ask the following questions to help formulate goals. If anything, dating is even more anxiety provoking than starting therapy. Countertransference is a therapeutic word first coined by Freud in correspondence with Jung in 1909.

More than 100 years later, we think about countertransference much differently.

I teach my students that countertransference is entirely normal, and can be beneficial (as well as diagnostic) as long as we remain aware of it when it happens.

I didn’t need to turn that part of myself off to enter the dating world; instead I found it to be very useful to my dating experiences.

I am engaged to be married again, something I had no expectation of ever happening.

A therapeutic approach to dating can be a very effective strategy for creating the types of relationships we are seeking.

It isn’t your typical smoke and mirrors dating advice.

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One guy told me that at first he didn’t know how to respond to me. If you are looking for someone to have fun with, what does fun look like for you? Know what you want and how you plan on getting there.

I married early in my adult life while others my age were still dating. Suddenly I was a young widow with two teenagers and a complicated career.

I was a licensed counselor and adjunct professor teaching in a counseling department.

This can lend insight into how they interact with others in general, and help you decide whether or not this is a behavior you want to endure.

If it seems to be just YOUR response, then it is important that you do your own work around that, rather than expecting someone else to adapt to your triggers.Instead of hiding who you are, I suggest you be exactly who you are — because that is the person you want others to see and know.