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29-Jan-2020 23:18

Flagging a post will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The easy answer is, —you feed a monster who is trapped in a time warp, but escapes every so often.That monster is determined to suck you into his or her own personal, self-esteem issues (a.k.a. It is an ego-gone-wild, trying to right some wrong that you need to see contextually with its origins rooted in the past.They are not and should not be made to feel that they are more abnormal than they already feel. Until I was able to see his little games for what they really stand for, I could not see light and felt rejected, lonely, and yes, demeaned. I am a rational person and therefore he has had to put in a lot of subtle work before I react.Society has become so isolating and bullying that those who are not able to cope are knocked down further by those who feel they are so perfect and civilized. We all respond differently to stressors and we all need help. Your article fosters narcissism and superiority complexes. On hindsight, he had really, really tried to get his hidden message across.Drama persons thrive on attention, but that’s because they learned to feel invisible and unimportant. They are merely trying to convince themselves, by trying to convince you, that they matter.

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That said, belittling is never okay and no matter how I talk about setting boundaries to take care of yourself, I never mean to say that people should treat each other absent a loving heart. These people always are offended by the littlest thing.Call it arrested development, call it a failure to grow up and evolve, but underneath it all they have yet to outgrow (or dispel) whatever negative feelings they learned to believe about themselves. Each drama person must decide for him or herself to embark on a road of self-awareness and growth.The sad part is that if their behavior weren’t such a turnoff, there would be plenty of reason to have compassion for them, which ironically is what they really need to heal their wounds and move one. If he or she doesn’t, the will to remain stuck is impenetrable. And don’t be afraid to say that the drama scene doesn’t work for you.You're explaining Green & Blue to people who don't understand what these "colors" things are you're talking about. And I don't understand what you mean by "growing up". tr=Hdr Quote So it's that tricky relationship between self and others that can be confounding. When you believe you are actually good enough, and even better than good, it renders what others think secondary. I hope you meant a person who needs/uses/loves drama BUT doesn't have a diagnosis of mental disorder.

I'm afraid all the time, because my best is never good enough. A case in point, a family member was always called a drama queen by her parents and ignored, belittled, discouraged and never really responded to about her fears.

Instead of calling someone a drama queen get them so help. As though the people who aren't able to cope as well with the stressors of life are inferior to those are are able to cope. I am learning to react in the supporting or 'extra' roles instead of the main roles as and when I realize I am in another drama 'staged' by this drama director/producer of a husband, after 15 long years.

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