Dating money talk

25-Nov-2019 02:50

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It’s not about arriving at your first date with a ‘you show me your balance sheet and I’ll show you mine’ approach.

(I know you know that, btw.) Like any delicate subject, timing is everything.

I help clients with these ‘talks’ all the time, and find that money can be even trickier to talk about than sex.

This is especially true when you’re at this stage of life.

What didn’t get into the article is what you should do first, even before you start dating and having tis problem!

If you want to set yourself up to be a successful dater – which means you make good choices and attract the right men –then the first step is being crystal-clear about what you want and need.

He sailed, he had a good job, and he was always picking up the tab for pricey dinners.

In it, I tell you how and when to bring up the money topic…like a grownup.