Dating men cigars

10-Feb-2020 19:31

There's something subversive and thrilling about a woman with a cigar.But, let's not forget, there's also something daft about them too, because smoking is bad for you.

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4, a medium-strength sausage that feels slightly oily to the touch.

"You must let it die with dignity."And that, I think, is what I'd like to do too.

So trendy or not, I won't be joining the swelling ranks of cigarellas.

"We have gents who sit for five, six hours and smoke three," says Nemethova, "but that's too much for me.

One over three hours maybe, is really nice but there isn't always time."And the cigar industry is catering to this new market – unsurprisingly, given cigar sales declined by 5.4 per cent last year and were hit severely by the smoking ban.Havana itself has recognised the unlikely new demand: Cuba's most famous brand, Romeo Y Julieta, last year developed the "Julieta", a 4.75-incher targeted at the lady smoker."There's definitely more interest in cigars, especially among young people," says Jennifer Fincher, assistant manager at Robert Graham, the Scottish whisky and cigar specialists.