Dating man moves too fast

10-Apr-2020 14:19

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This is not to say there is never passion or butterflies in healthy relationships, but such passion is less likely to be driven by fantasy or not truly knowing a love interest’s intentions.

Spiritually, we live in a time where we want to reject anything “negative” and are afraid of negative emotions.

Here is the best advice I could think of: Sometimes a love interest may genuinely feel you are the “one” within the first few weeks of dating.

However, sometimes this “in the moment” feeling does not last. “Why pursue me so ardently if they aren’t really into me?

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The best way to overcome falling for the wrong type is to see clearly the type you are falling for without confusing intense feelings with love or meeting “the one.” Be aware that stable and lasting relationships generally move at a slower pace and are built on a foundation of trust, friendship, openness, and working through challenges together.Sometimes the support of a caring counselor can help as well.

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