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Skeletal analyses have figured prominently in research.When comparisons to non-Egyptians are made, depending on which samples and methods are used, the craniofacial patterns of ancient Egyptian show a range of similarities to other African populations, Near Easterners, and Europeans.

The titles for the king, major officials, and the royal insignia are Egyptian, which is of interest because one old theory held that the dynastic Egyptians or their elites came from the Near East; however, the archaeological evidence shows that they came from southern Egypt. The Neolithic cultures in northern Egypt show evidence over time of varying contacts, with Saharan influences the most dominant.

Excavations in Egypt have also produced skeletal remains that date back to the cultures immediately preceding and following the first kings of a united Egypt, around 3100 By carefully using various scientific techniques, one can determine changes over time in the skeletal pattern of a particular place.