Dating like a boss Sexy video chating

07-Dec-2019 06:58

Standing someone up is the OG dick move, but despite how woke baes can be in 2016, it remains a constant in the murky waters of dating. While social media is useful for things like watching viral cat videos and asking your 76 Twitter followers what they think that mole on your shoulder is, perhaps its best use is for dragging deadbeat dates who don't even give the curtesy of a respectful heads up before they bail.Here are 10 women who used the internet to handle being stood up in the most epic ways.

While Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Harry Styles couldn't actually make it to her prom, the cardboard cutout versions of the celebrities were totally available and were more photogenic than any human date could be.

That didn't stop this Imgur user from welcoming 2016 in an equally enjoyable way: wearing pajamas and drinking wine like the (incredibly cozy) boss that she is.

Tinder has been a great deal of fun and mostly a positive experience, but every now and then I stumble across twats like this.

Men, please never forget that there's no date you can take us on that is better than a date with ourselves.

Laura Adora from Australia proved this with the self date she documented on Facebook after her Tinder date canceled last-minute.Luckily, 17-year-old Saint Joseph High School student Zea didn't need a man for her prom photos to be on point.