Dating laman

21-Jan-2020 22:28

(3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms) RM392,000 onwards Suite B: 1,625

(5 1 bedrooms & 5 1 bathrooms) RM1,735,000 onwards Laman Baiduri, Subang Jaya We have a friend who used to stay in Wangsa Baiduri, and we used to go to his place for excellent dinner parties.

We’d definitely go for the lakeview units, since that is the whole attraction of the condo (for us, that is) is the view of the lake.

The kitchen is small though, so most people may consider knocking combining it with the yard for more space.

(4 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms) RM584,000 onwards Penthouse: 4,209

(5 1 bedrooms & 5 1 bathrooms) RM1,735,000 onwards Suite A: 1,184

One interesting touch is the lanai concept, an enclosed windowed balcony, with is as large as one of the smaller rooms.

This concpet has been quite popular a few years back by a certain well-known architect, here it still looks very refreshing and blends well with the unit. In terms of the facade of the condo, there is nothing spectacular here, but the colour scheme of white and dark grey is not unattractive.

Here the design moves more comfortably, larger living are and a very large master bedroom.