Dating in the workplace players

29-May-2020 00:31

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“The workplace is a perfectly wonderful place to meet a person and start a romantic relationship.” When your staff is putting in full-time work at your office, chances are they have a few admirers.

When an employee is cheating on a partner with another employee, your company could face morale concerns, and maybe even lose a staff member or two.Another issue is if the employees are in the same department or are part of each other’s regular working groups.Once the relationship is known publicly, other folks may feel like your lovebirds are playing favorites or becoming a conflict of interest.Vault Rankings conducted a study on office romance in 2015, finding a number of interesting statistics.

The company surveyed nearly 2,300 professionals and discovered that more than half had a workplace romance.

While the positives of workplace romances rely on you, the company, and each of your employees to communicate often and early about the relationship, there are still ways the relationship could become a pitfall.