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This imposing building is open daily, hosting historical talks every 30 minutes.Next door is Quincy Market, an indoor-outdoor mall with dozens of gift shops, wonderful food stalls and restaurants, and a front seat to free street music and street theater.From May to October, a Liberty Ride bus leaves the museum for 90-minute tours of the Lexington-Concord area.Nantucket Whaling Museum – Nantucket The workings of the early (1600-1800) whaling industry is on display at the Nantucket Whaling Museum on Broad Street.Boston’s Freedom Trail -- an urban walking trail -- touches churches and meeting houses where the American Revolution was ignited.Newport, RI, looks much like it did as a trading center in the 1700s, and many tours tell its swashbuckling tales.Kids are enthralled by the stories and the costumed guides.

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An exhibition, "Sowing the Seeds of Liberty: Lexington and the American Revolution," describes the part played by ordinary people in shaping historical events at Lexington's Battle Green on April 19, 1775.

Nantucket became a part of the Bay Colony of Massachusetts in 1692 and very soon Nantucketers began to organize whaling expeditions in small boats to pursue the right whales that passed nearby on annual migrations. It built towns and sea captains’ fortune, and inspired classics like "Moby Dick". Salem Witch Museum – Salem The Salem witch hunts and witch trials of 1692 lasted less than a year, but the terrifying phenomenon of group panic has a lasting hold on our imaginations.

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