Dating for people with hpv

07-Jun-2020 13:43

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Here are some scripts to follow in telling a new or future dating partner about HPV.

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60 to 80 % of CIN 1 dysplasias resolve on their own, and only about 1% of cases progress to invasive cervical cancer. You Have HPV, a highly contagious Sexually Transmitted Disease known to cause such undesireable things as Genital Warts and which can lead to Cervical Cancer, most shocking of all There Is No Cure.

(Yikes..insert awkward pause in dinner conversation) How easy do you think its going to be to find someone who'll understand and accept you now that you're "damaged goods"?

Not every “online” members chooses to participate in their local groups.

There are also people active in local groups who do not participate online. If you do not have a local group in your area or it is not active, that does not mean you are the only one in your area. Groups are just a great way to meet people, in your area, that also have herpes or HPV.

These groups are open to pretty much anybody with herpes and HPV (in most cases).

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While HPV infection is the leading cause of cervical cancer, in reality it is very rare for HPV infection to progress to cancer with proper treatment.Most just aren't aware because they are asymptotic and continue about their lives without ever even thinking they could be spreading a potentially deadly virus. The most important thing to realize is that ANYONE who is sexually active has an extremely high likelihood that they will come into contact HPV.