Dating couples prayer scottish girls dating

06-Jan-2020 12:50

If we allow someone to be involved in those times of prayer, we are placing a lot of trust in him or her.

Should they pray with their significant others, or is couple's prayer an intimate activity that is better suited for marriage?Whether or not dating couples should pray together is a touchy subject.Some people adamantly proclaim that praying together is incredibly important for dating couples because they need God’s guidance and direction in their relationship.For example, one of our favorites is a prayer Paul prayed for the Philippians in chapter 1, verses 9 and 10.

He writes: We've found this prayer to be a beautiful expression of what we want to experience in our marriage.

I don’t disagree that couples need to constantly ask God to shower them with guidance and direction, but I am leery of dating couples sharing too much prayer time together.