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Earrings are screwback type while the pin has an old trombone closure. A petite size 4 this antique silver ring is set with Czechoslovakian deep red rose cut garnets. However the piece is still an outstanding vintage collectible, absolutely wearable and in very good condition as pictured. The back is stamped FLLI COPPINI along with a small cartouche, the words MADE IN ITALY, and the silver denotation of 800 absent the lozenge that was introduced in 1934 for silver uniformity hallmarking. There may have been a closure which is no longer present and the chain may originally have been longer.Marks such as 750 or 950 generally indicate the purity of the silver.Some marks are confusing because they closely resemble legitimate hallmarks.

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This required that a manufacturer put a quality stamp on his karat gold or silver items along with their hallmark. During the process of sizing a ring, replacing a chain or from normal wear, marks can disappear.

9 carat Victorian Pin featuring a citrine glass stone cut and polished to an exquisite clarity.

Glass oval is framed by delicate seed pearl flower trimmings. Item# JA-021012 Austrian, c 1930s Movable Ferris Wheel Charm. The pin stem moves freely from terminal to terminal.

During the late 18th to early 19th century rolled gold plate is developed.

Similar to the Sheffield plate process, it involves the lamination of a sheet of gold to a sheet of base metal.

This particular piece is a revival style from the early part of the 20th century.