Dating a man with young children

03-Jun-2020 02:57

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When you reach your thirties, if you haven't found your single man with no baggage in your twenties, you have to be more open about a man with children.

A man with children in his thirties, if his children are a priority, is also a good man. I’ve just come out of another ‘Man with baggage’ relationship –Never again will I put myself through this. I am 30 , attractive, professional woman on a positive path and working hard to get a good solid career behind me so I never have to rely on a man.

Well let me tell you I WAS that woman – the one who thought ‘kids are lovely’ how bad can this be –WRONG.

Even if the kids are well behaved as all the ones I met were, you will STILL resent it.

Which he is BUT ,,, HE made this mistake, not you and your being told to put up or shut up!

How dare they not realise that actually they’re no longer as desirable as they once were they’re now a man with baggage.

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Please never listen to anyone that’s puts you down because you smart enough to say – actually didn’t weren’t stupid enough to get preggers so why do I have to deal with this.... Funny thing is I have traditional homely values – I love looking after my man, family values are so dear to me, but I want that to be my family. So not only are you doing their washing, cooking cleaning but their kids. I now come to realise that I have just been too nice to these guys with kids.

You cannot create your family with some baby moma hanging around and dictating your schedule. From this point on I’ll be true to myself and put myself first.

Even if they have a good relationship as friends it’s too fractured and eventually cracks will show. It’s okay to say actually I’m a good woman who knows how to treat her man, so yeah I want my man to take ME on vacations, spend money and time on me, have me as his main focus.

It is what it is and if you like him, look at how tied down he is with his kids? These are all things that can determine whether or not it can work.. it is my birthday and he cant spend any time with me because he is busy with is girl. you are pretty much in the worst place in your life when there is someone else's child involved. Let me just say that I have soooo much respect for any man that faces up to his responsibilities. But they should also be realistic about the type of women they can now get with.

Do they live with him, does he have an every other weekend schedule? but if you have plans to move when school is out, this may not be an option for him, so then it won't work. The trouble was my ex did tell me he wanted his kids to live with him, but it wasn’t ‘real’ until it happened and I just had to sit back and be 2nd best or get out.Some men will really do a number on you, get into your head with promises of happy ever after, he loves you so much, you’ll always come first and even worst the one excuse everyone seems to make ‘ oh well I’ve seen him with his kids and he’s a good Dad to them so he’ll be a good Dad to mine’. That’s even worst cause now he can leave you with a kid. In the end we’re all free to CHOOSE as we wish – make no mistake he should thank his lucky stars that you’ve chosen bet is he wont and it wont be long before the resentment creeps in. Been there, done that, no more, unless the kids are grown and gone, and he had no ties to his ex wife legally, mentally, emotionally, our physically. I stopped dating men with children for the same reasons.

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