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reporter: the list included ex-husband casey collins, former boyfriend john jones, and her most recent ex-lover, nick hillary. casey collins was quickly eliminated as a suspect, because he had a solid alibi that placed him nowhere near garrett's apartment at p.m. but john jones, the local sheriff's deputy got a deeper look. she came to believe it reflected a more controlling nature, and that's what she was telling the cops. he just didn't want to live in the same house with him. reporter: a little boy was dead, and potsdam was in mourning. reporter: police were trying to make a case against him, though in the months that followed, search warrants on nick's home, phone, and car yielded nothing.

police surmised that only a fit adult -- not a kid -- could make such a dangerous leap. but when she talked to "dateline", she described a different side of "the general" -- the nickname adoring teammates gave nick in his glory days. the big one bath towel is only .99 and select kitchen electrics are just .99 after rebate. it's the lowest prices of the season going on now at kohl's.

reporter: except, when you drill down, it's as local as it gets all about a small-town boy. there goes garrett sidewalk-surfing his way home in 2011. but when his honda reached the t-intersection, a crossroads for this case, nick didn't go right. so, stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. nick hillary's attorney, mani tafari, also off-camera, was raising objections to protect an appeal. reporter: police had a theory that the killer was injured in the escape leap, and they claimed they had video of nick limping at the soccer game the next night. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. get the iphone 7 for zero dollars with eligible trade in.

reporter: people here remember him tearing around town on his ripstick, a little bit skateboard, a little bit snowboard all hip action and balance. reporter: at the hospital, tandy had been joined by some of the men in her life, her ex-husband casey collins and john jones, the sheriffs deputy. turns out, he and tandy had split up the month before, and he was no longer in her loop. reporter: which, nick acknowledged, should be with a right turn out of the parking lot. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. reporter: tom, heard off-camera, asked the questions. i'm hearing good things about the network all the networks are great now.

the prosecution called the victim's mother to the stand as its lead-off witness. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy.

tandy told the judge what she'd told us, that nick was unhappy about her breaking up their relationship. no biomarker testing is required with opdivo, though physicians may choose to do so. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work.

that's when nick hillary walked in and pulled up a stool. reporter: he moved to brooklyn as a teenager and found his niche as a soccer star, earning a scholarship to nyu. get the iphone 7 for zero dollars with eligible trade in. some may claim some labels are green but only one has the powerful tide clean new tide purclean, 65% bio-based, 100% cleaning power of tide if you'vtry to escape your nasal allergies... clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. reporter: but justice of any kind was grinding slowly. two legal heavyweights from new york city joined nick's team. for instant results of the number one prestige eye cream, without paying twice the price. tandy a bundle of nerves while waiting for the verdict, was inconsolable. reporter: tandy, a single mom, picked up the pieces as best she could. six-months after garrett's death, this civil lawyer had breathed new life into a dormant murder investigation, extracting what seemed like powerful new evidence from the prime suspect. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge. but this time, nick suggested that if he turned left, it would have been to visit his assistant coach. if you got 1% more haircut than me today, would you really pay twice as much? then the judge called everyone back to the courthouse on wednesday, just two days ago, to hear his verdict.

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