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Due to the one secret that Kimber is holding, things between them become harder and harder. He is seriously hot, and makes me want to go back to college so I can have moments like those! This story is full of jealousy, love, secrets, betrayal and sex! I would love to read about Kimber's brother Kolby, although he seemed like kind of a douche in this book, maybe he will make up for it in his own book?

Secrets start to come out sending their relationship down a bumpy road. He definitely is a heart stopper with that smile of his. I did wish that Jax and Kimber stood up for their love a lot sooner in the story so that we could of read more about them being in an actual relationship amongst their friends.

This wasn’t a part of Kimber’s strategy—she hadn’t planned on him and struggles to pull back, away from his striking distance, the kiss of death. And if he backs out, will Kimber still want him when she learns the dirty little fraternity secret?

He walks past Kimber in a cloud of sex andarrogance, and he’s slowly dragging her in to his perimeters. Because choosing Kimber will end his game and he’ll certainly fail if he drops out now.

The obstacles that the characters go up against and how they handle them? So in that regard, this book is completely angst ridden while being diabolically evil in the sense that you're gaping at it going 'Oh my God, he did not!

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Alternatively, she knows exactly who he is and avoids him, even though she's thinks he's insanely hot. I think she has the most potential of any of the winners so far. She wants to go to NY and get her hands in print work, runway, ads, everything. College Romance *Recommended for readers 18 and up due to content not suitable for younger audiences*It’s a contest only Jax and his fraternity brothers are playing. NOT because it's a bad book either, but because there is so much information that my brain just stops.

I really dislike writing reviews where I'm not sure where to start.On the note of telling you the technical bits, I'll just finish off with it is a standalone novel, and it's told from dual first person POVs between the two main characters.

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