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17-May-2020 20:10

For instance, they tend to falling in love with someone they meet online while other relationships flounder. An online romance turns into a frightening or pathological relationship.

Or they fall in love with people who don't return their affection. Or somebody has a pseud or doesn't tell you it's a same-sex relationship.

Gwinnel, an Oregon therapist, and other shrinks, report growing numbers of marriages in trouble because one or even both spouses are having online affairs.

In her practice many patients are encountering some kind of problems with Net relationships.

Thanks to the Net, strangers are falling in love all the time; cyber-romances so common some shrinks -- like the author of this book -- devote much of their practices to dealing with the fallout from them. Falling in love with strangers on the Net poses a whole set of special problems, says Dr. Her book takes a shockingly businesslike and useful look at cyber-romance, the unheralded killer app of the World Wide Web.

When technology and romance mix, the result is explosive, many of the participants in need of a good shrink.

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But it may soon be one of the primary means by which people seeking romance meet for the first time.Online Seductions could be the perfect Valentine's Day gift, a sane guide to the relatively new world of online romance.