Cougar speed dating melbourne

15-Mar-2020 04:45

Jackie and Ben are looking for a model to be the face of their LA MASCARA cocktail range so they’ve set up a meeting with the world’s most excited model agent.

She has seriously taken her happy pills and is just oozing with enthusiasm at Jackie’s every word.

“You did something to your hair…the colour…it looks different.” Was that a compliment? It sounded like a very jealous lady who doesn’t know how to compliment someone.

Jackie just responded by shaking her hair and saying “yes I did.

Clearly she didn’t realise who she was dealing with. Seeing Lydia like that in a moment of pure innocence just shows that beneath all the diamonds and Diors we all hurt and bleed the same. Thank God the singing waiters came out just in time to calm the situation and take the focus off Dumb and Dumber!

What we don’t all share though is Lydia’s innocence when it comes to definitions of words like S&M. Gamble then decides to start an argument with Janet about being called a stripper- again! Luckily Rick is holding all the logic cells in his brain and promptly tells Gamble to keep quiet and sit down.

PF is quick to comment about Jackie’s hair with a look of disgust on her face.

It’s great to see Gina donating one of her bedazzled gowns to raise money for a good cause- Mental Illness in adolescents. Also worth noting is the choice of MC for the night, the always stunning Ruby Rose, which fits in nicely with the lipstick-lesbian theme of the night.

It seems Janet is ready for love again so she decides to take Jackie along for a night of speed dating.

“There’s no way we’re having a guy as the face of LA MASCARA” he says. Everything seems to be going well and the ladies are getting along and laughing with each other. It truly is a heartfelt moment when Lydia opens up and voices just how special it was for her to see her boy all grown up and married. In a moment of strength and bravery, Lydia opened up and told everyone about the son she lost so many years ago. This is the conversation they had for a full 3 minutes.

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I’m sure every mother out there shed a tear or two. She was busy making eyes with her fiancé and giggling. It’s a story that’s all too common and one that we as mothers can relate to, either first hand or through someone we know. It pretty much resulted in it being an even tie in stupidity.

For once PF owns the fact that that is exactly what she is because she came from Ceylon with nothing and worked her butt off.

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