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04-Feb-2020 17:14

Some couples don't live together until after marriage.

And for those in this category, newly combined incomes can provide some amazing financial benefits.

Regardless of whether you believe in marriage, walking down the aisle has its benefits.

On average, married couples live healthier lives than those not married; and there's evidence that underprivileged children are "more likely to graduate college and earn more if raised by two married parents." (See also: How to Stay Happily Married for 29 Years) But the potential benefits don't stop here.

If you said, "I don't like that we use the ATM constantly," your spouse might say, "So you're worried about us taking out too much cash." If he doesn't quite grasp it, clarify until he does.

The listener is not supposed to comment or defend himself.

But with their marriage around the corner (and the idea of starting a joint bank account looming), the Quincy, MA, couple finally sat down for a real talk."I just told him everything.

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Most couples "talk" about money in a drive-by style—as they're deciding to buy something, when the bills come in, or when there's not enough cash on hand for something one of you feels you need.

Inside that middle space, write down any goals from your lists that you share.

In the outer part of the left- and right-hand circles, write down the goals that don't overlap.

Never mind if none of them is your top priority (or his).

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The point is to celebrate that you're on the same team, finally.

That's OK: The point is to start talking, whatever that looks like to you.